Why Cinque Terre is better than the Amalfi Coast

As famous as Italy is for its iconic cities like Rome, Milan, and Venice, some of the county's best locations are its small towns -- especially those on the coast. After all, the famous boot is a peninsula. Add in the islands of Sardinia, Sicily, and Capri and Italy has five times the amount of coastline than California.

The world has long uncovered the beauty of Italy so much so that Venice is imposing ways to limit the amount of tourists allowed on the increasingly vulnerable city per day. Untouched gems are more and more rare for what is (in my opinion) the best country in the world. Neither the villages of Cinque Terre nor those in the Amalfi Coast are untouched. However, one destination seems less tourist-y than the other.

Cinque Terre is on the northwest coast of Italy, between Genoa and La Spezia. The five (cinque in Italian) villages are Monterosso al Mare (usually shortened to Monterosso), Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Corniglia.




Transportatoin Tips:

There are no cars in any of these villages, but each town has a train station.

The land that encompasses all of these villages is rugged and parking lots outside of the villages fill quickly during the busy season.

Boats connect each village and fares are low